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Date Archives: March 2020

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Brighton Plants

Whether you're planning a brand-new garden or want to enhance what you've already got, using native plants used to Michigan's diverse climate can make maintenance more comfortable and save you time and money. Our REALTORS® love it when homeowners take great care of their yards with beautiful landscaping and colorful gardens. There's no doubt that curb appeal adds value to your home, and getting your hands dirty is good for the mind, body, and soul. These seven plants will make your garden an inviting, colorful oasis to enjoy for years to come.

  1. Black Gum Tree (Nyssa sylvatica)
    This slow-growing tree can reach 30 to 40 feet tall, and provides gorgeous, vivid fall foliage in shades of yellow, orange, and crimson. Its dark bark and distinctive branching pattern also provide some visual interest in the winter. Squirrels and birds love its tiny, tasty fruit, and the black gum tree easily tolerates wet, clay soils and salt.
  2. Common Ninebark (Physocarpos opulifolius)
    This hardy shrub grows 6 to 9 feet tall and can thrive in even the harshest conditions. Super easy to maintain, it grows in shade or sun and many different types of soil conditions. You'll enjoy pink and white flowers in the spring and summer, with red fruit birds love to eat in autumn.

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Unfinished Basement Ideas

It's time to sell your home! How do you best showcase the space your unfinished basement has to offer? 

Sorting out your basement and giving it a facelift seems overwhelming. Your goal as a seller is to show buyers how a space could be used. Our REALTORS® can help you freshen up your basement, claim back more square footage, and charm buyers with its many uses. Here are five ways to better use your basement space to appeal to buyers.

  1. Add or Brighten Up a Play Space
    What better way to divvy up your basement's square footage than to add an exciting, energetic play area or freshen up the one you have? Get this set up by doing the following. 
      • Define the area with an interlocking foam mat.
      • Use brightly-colored organizers to use up vertical space and keep toys within reach.
      • Hang bold wall art to contrast off-white walls.
      • Add lounge chairs, arcade games, and a T.V. for preteens/teens.

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Sports Bars Livingston County

Are you searching for the perfect place to fill out your bracket for the biggest basketball tournament of the year? Our real estate agents can relate! You don't need to be a college basketball expert to fill out the winning bracket, and perhaps spending some time at a local, sports-centric watering hole will provide just the inspiration you need to pick the winners. Of course, local bars are also ideal for watching every big game during the tournament and rooting for your picks all March long. Find your new favorite March basketball hangout, with our run-down of the best sports bars to fill out your bracket in Livingston County.

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Livingston County Libraries

Read Across America Day, held on March 2nd, is the perfect excuse to pick a book up at your local library in Livingston County! Grab your reading glasses and your library card and learn about a few of the wonderful libraries in our area below. 

  1. Brighton Library - 100 Library Dr, Brighton, MI 48116
    Brighton Library is one of the best in town. With their recent renovations, it's also one of the best looking in the region. The library features plenty of activities for children and teenagers, which means you can turn them loose while you sit back and read through the listings for Brighton homes for sale.

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