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Date Archives: February 2020

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Before Listing Your Home

Don't wait until your home is on the market to get it in top-notch shape. Instead, ready your home for buyers before you even put it on the market. Get started on this list before adding your home to the inventory of Brighton homes for sale

  1. Declutter Your Space
    Some homeowners want to wait until they're moving to get rid of unwanted items; instead, declutter every space in your room now so that your home appears clean and organized. Take decluttering a step further and pack away items that you seldom use (like holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, and old mementos) and store them out of view. Buyers will be able to view the details of your home better when furnishings don't hide them. Our real estate agents can examine your home and let you know if further decluttering is necessary. If you've gotten rid of as many items as possible but still need to pack more things away consider renting a storage unit.
  2. Scrub Your House from Top to Bottom
    Now that your home is decluttered, it's time to make it gleam from top to bottom. Buyers are more likely to view a clean home as one that's been taken care of. A deep cleaning will also eliminate odors that may have accumulated over the years from spills, pets, and cooking. If you don't feel like you have the time or energy to give your home the cleaning it deserves, outsource the job to a cleaning agency.
  3. Complete Minor Repairs
    If there are minor repairs you've been putting off, like fixing light fixtures, replacing broken hardware, or repairing dents and dings in your walls, now is the time to tackle these items. Minor repairs are relatively inexpensive, but they have a significant effect on the overall look of your home. A buyer may also believe that if you've neglected to make small repairs during your time in the home that you've also foregone larger, more expensive repairs. 
  4. Stage Your Home
    Staging involves altering the appearance of your home so that it's as appealing to as many buyers as possible. Start by giving your walls and trim a fresh coat of paint. Stick with hues that are fairly neutral, like off-white shades, light gray colors, and beige tones. Then, set up each room so that potential buyers can better envision their lives in your home. Incorporate functional furniture that gives each room a purpose. Add accessories and home decor that brighten the room and make it more appealing.
  5. Hide Evidence of Your Pets
    Your pets are beloved members of your family, but they can be a deterrent to some buyers. Buyers may believe that a home with pets is dirtier than a home without pets (even if that's not the case). On days when you have an open house or showing, have a plan in place to remove your pet from your home. Find a pet-friendly space where you can hang out for a couple of hours while buyers are checking out your home.

Have more questions about preparing your home to sell? Contact us today. 


Brighton Dog Parks

Everyone loves their pets, and just like us, pets need plenty of fresh air and sunshine to stay healthy and happy. February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day, and now is the perfect time to decide where you're going to take your pup to celebrate. If you feel like exploring the area around Brighton, these are some of the best places where your dog can run around as much as their furry little heart desires. 

  1. EZ Dog Park and Training - 230 Norlynn Dr, Howell, MI 48843
    This fenced-in dog park is a fun place for Fido to run and play. They feature separated areas for small and large dogs, and there are numerous trails in the park where your dog can sniff, scratch, and play until they are ready to fall asleep in the car. If you are looking at Howell homes for sale, it's an EZ drive down the road to Fido's favorite park. 
  2. Huron Meadows Metropark - 8765 Hammel Rd, Brighton, MI 48116 
    Spend the day with your pooch at Huron Meadows Metropark. This 1,540-acre park will have plenty of space for you and your pup to explore. The well-manicured paths make it easy to go for a stroll and check out the beautiful scenery this part of Michigan has to offer. It's also a great place to ponder the Brighton homes for sale you are thinking of moving into this next year.
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Living in Livingston County

Livingston County is located in the "thumb" region of southeast Michigan and is an excellent place to call home. It's rated highly in many statewide categories and also comes in ahead of many counties throughout the country.

Our real estate agents share the following 7 things you'll love about living in Livingston County:

  1. Outdoor Recreation is Fun and Varied
    You won't have to struggle to find activities to keep you healthy and busy in Livingston County. You can golf at several courses in the county and pursue many popular activities at Island Lake Recreation Area, which is a balloon port and also has a shooting range, canoeing, volleyball courts, and spots where you can swim. And if you're into skiing or snowboarding, Mt. Brighton is well worth a visit as you're looking for Brighton homes for sale. It has 25 trails available on its 130 acres.

  2. The Local Business Community is Vibrant
    Livingston County is home to many local businesses that make living here more fun and convenient. You'll find fine dining restaurants as well as more casual options, so whether you're in the mood for a European deli setting, casual Italian, or something else, you'll find it here. You'll also be able to visit antique shops, doctor's offices, home improvement shops, and much more.

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Smart Home Features

As homes become more wired and technologically sophisticated, buyers are looking for smart home features to make their lives more convenient and secure. And it's not just younger buyers who want smart home features - they appeal to buyers of all ages.

Our real estate agents point out the following smart home features that today's buyers are looking for:

  1. Home Security Cameras
    Many different types of smart home security cameras are available, but they usually have the following features: motion sensors, night vision, and two-way talk capabilities. Also, your smart camera system will come equipped with an app that gives you access to a live feed of camera views if you're away from home.

  2. Programmable Thermostats
    These smart home features make your home more comfortable and can even help reduce your heating and cooling bills. They can be programmed to turn on before you wake up in the morning or return home in the evenings. Over time, they'll learn your habits and respond accordingly, keeping your home comfortable without running your HVAC unit unnecessarily.

  3. Lighting Control System
    Smart lighting involves replacing your traditional light bulbs with smart bulbs, which work in your existing sockets. Using a hub that's connected online, you can then adjust your lighting from anywhere. You can program your lights to turn on before you come home from work or slowly get brighter as you prepare to wake up in the morning.

  4. Smart Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    These detectors may not be the most glamorous smart feature, but buyers appreciate the convenient safety enhancements they offer. If they detect smoke or carbon monoxide, they'll send a text alert to your phone and will also warn you if their batteries are getting low.

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