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Date Archives: September 2019

Griffith Realty Home

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Personalized Offer Letter - Griffith Realty

Buying a home is a big decision. For buyers ready to make an offer on any of the Livingston County homes for sale, it is a decision that involves finding the perfect fit for their family and financial future. For sellers, it means choosing the right buyer who will take care of the property and safeguard the memories they made in the home. As a buyer, writing a personalized offer letter can help seal the deal. A well-crafted letter assures the seller you are the right person to entrust their home to.

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First Right of Refusal - Griffith Realty

Buying and selling real estate often involves walking a tightrope of good timing. Can you sell your current home in time to avoid double mortgage payments? Will you have enough money for a down payment when your landlord is ready to sell?

Contingent offers and first right of refusal are tools designed to help level the playing field, but they have different implications. Our real estate agents demystify contingent offers and how they can affect your negotiations on Brighton homes for sale.

What Is a Contingent Offer?

"Contingent" refers to a condition fulfilled only upon the occurrence of another condition. In real estate, contingent offers attach a specific condition or conditions required before the sale is finalized. Typical contingencies include passing inspection, loan approval, and sale of the buyer's home. These often involve first right of refusal.

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You know your home's perks and issues better than anyone. Buyers want to know about any known issues so they can factor repair costs into their offer. Know what you need to disclose during the sale process. Our real estate agents are here to help you with every step of selling a home, including our guide to what sellers need to know about disclosure.

Why Disclosure Is Required in Real Estate Sales

Let's say you're shopping for Livingston homes for sale. Wouldn't you want to learn everything about the potential investment? As a seller, you have a responsibility to disclose certain known issues to buyers. Not only is disclosure the right thing to do, but it's required by law. Exact disclosure laws vary by state, but most require known, significant issues with the home to be disclosed.

Failing to disclose issues with the home can lead to a canceled sale, or potential fraud litigation if the buyer discovers issues that should have been disclosed after closing. By disclosing issues truthfully, you can avoid these potential snags.

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Reasons House Doesn't Sell - Griffith Realty

No matter how many people attend showings or open houses of Brighton homes for sale, the only ones that matter are the ones who make an offer. Is a lack of solid offers making you nervous? Here are some common reasons why your home may not be selling.

  1. Unrealistic Expectations
    Sometimes people hear the term "seller's market" and sit back waiting for offers to pour in. No matter how advantageous current market conditions are, put forth the effort to display your home most appealingly. 

  2. Narrow Perspective
    Sellers often come up with an asking price by simply pulling data and settling on the average amounts. This method fails to incorporate market fluctuations, trends, and other intangibles. Do some research into the factors that are consistently generating solid offers.

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