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Date Archives: March 2019

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Brighton MI Parks and Outdoor Spaces
When you choose our team at Griffith Realty, you can rest assured our REALTORS® will never tell you to take a walk. Still, you might want to anyway: National Take a Walk in the Park Day is coming this Saturday, March 30.

And we have plenty of beautiful parks to enjoy!

When you want to experience the splendor southern Michigan has to offer; there's nothing like a day at the park. Not only is taking a walk good for your heart, but sunshine helps regulate the body's internal clock, making it easier to get to sleep at night.

Of course, we can't promise you'll feel like a whole new person after National Walk in the Park Day. What we can promise is that you'll have your choice of many splendid places to see all the nature Brighton and Milford have on display.

Here are our top picks for when it's time to take a walk in the park:

  1. Mill Pond Park, 424 Mill Pond Lane, Brighton
    Mill Pond Park is a public recreation area centered around the eponymous pond, a cornerstone of public life in Brighton. Recently, the park underwent an extensive cleanup and shoreline beautification project that revitalized it. Now, locals enjoy spending time here and observing local waterfowl.

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Howell Home Buying Budget
You've saved, you've planned, you've dreamed, and now it's time to buy. Buying your first home is a special time, but you don't want to let visions of sun-splashed lawns and breezy porches put you in a financial position you cannot maintain over time.

Ideally, you would start planning your finances for homeownership a year in advance of buying. But no matter the timeline, when you're looking at Howell homes for sale, keep these budgeting tips in mind:

  • Doing The Math
    Take a detailed look at your income and any debts you already have, and consider the "25% rule." Experts say your mortgage should not be more than 25% – 29% of your income. Existing debts should be included in that percentage.

    One of the financial points mortgage lenders consider is your debt-to-income ratio. This is the percent of debt you have compared to your income. Generally, if your debt-to-income ratio is higher than 43%, you may be denied. Even if you found a lender willing to go over that ratio, you may find yourself struggling each month when that mortgage payment is due.

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Meet Your New Brighton Neighbors
Are you moving to Brighton? Perhaps you have just bought a home in our area, or maybe you're still looking through Brighton homes for sale to find the right house to make into your new home. Whichever the case may be, you will be moving into a new neighborhood, and becoming part of your new community will mean getting to know your new neighbors. Taking that first step can be rather uncomfortable, but to help you break the ice, here are six ways to meet your new neighbors.

  1. Spend time outdoors – Make it easy to meet you by spending time out in the yard, sitting on the porch or walking around your neighborhood. Be sure to wave at people or say hello when you pass so that they know you are friendly and interested in getting to know people in your new community. Chances are good that your new neighbors are just as curious about you as you are about them, and an open, friendly demeanor will encourage them to act on that curiosity and introduce themselves.

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12 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring
While the cold and wind of the winter season may make spring seem distant, it really is right around the corner. What that means for you if you are a new area homeowner – or are shopping Brighton homes for sale – is that springtime home maintenance chores are also right around the corner. So what should a new homeowner know about getting things in good shape this spring? Our REALTORS® have created this spring maintenance checklist to help you get a handle on just how to take good care of your home.

  1. Inspect your roof A good set of binoculars can spare you the trouble of climbing out on the roof for this job. Look for telltale signs of trouble that might signal the need for a professional roof inspection, such as shingles that have slid out of place, missing shingles or ones that have popped up, making your roof vulnerable to leaks.

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